Womb Healing Immersions

Presence Heals by Amina Re These are energetic healing sessions given remotely that last an hour. During this time you're immersed in The Womb of Creation and powerfully supported to come into resonance with your desired outcome. You are lovingly nudged and supported towards what already lies within you. This enables you to initiate access to the healing your soul desires that has been latent inside of you, all along.

These sessions set things in motion, can offer clarity and you are empowered to heal.

The premise of these sessions is that we can never be given anything that we do not already possess within us.
While it is true that we may have forgotten how to access a natural ability or a state of integrity or health within ourselves, it is nonetheless an illusion that energy, love or light can be added to another's body-soul system. To attempt to do so is a violation of Natural Law, as it does not respect another Being's essential Sovereign Nature. As all illusions tend to do: they generate disempowerment and dependency.

A healing agent can come in an infinite variety of forms - so take care to be listening to all the clues your life, relationships and what your world around you may also be offering you. Listening is prayer and it can be one of the ways we call forth exactly that next step we desire.

Healing, is a process that reveals the truth of what is already there;
of re-membering what is latent and has been asleep or couched in old wounds.
It is a journey of desire, surrender and return.
Attunement. Awakening. Reclamation. Restoration.

© Barbara Ma-El, 2013