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"In many of the great books, it is written that humankind was formed out of clay, the reason being that we exist principally as configurations of minerals & water held in differeing levels of embrace of each other."
~ Justin Moikeha Asar, Creator of The Liquid Crystals


  • The Liquid Crystals are vibrational healing remedies that comprise The Earth's Evolutionary Mineral Therapy.
    They are change facilitators that help us at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Life.
    Minerals not only supply the building blocks of physical life, they also provide the structure for the Light of Consciousness and the Soul to anchor into physicality.
    The Liquid Crystals are a natural system of Earth Medicine that's been remembered for the Modern World from Ancient Times by Justin Moikeha Asar.
    > The story of The Liquid Crystals
  • > How do they differ from crystal essences / elixirs?

  • The Gifts of The Earth's 77 Foundational Minerals await Embrace in your Body made of Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Spirit, to activate your Wisdom for your unique pathways of Healing, Evolution and Divine Purpose.

  • Crystals grow deep inside the Earth; in the dark fertile Womb of the World.
    Each Jewel is a unique crystallisation of Creation’s Wisdom and embodies a distinct facet of Divinity.
    Altogether they hold the Soul of the World in the Body of Earth.
    So they naturally help us Heal, Empower & Enlighten by supporting us to bring more of Our Souls into Our Bodies, too.

Liquid Crystals Mega-Chart What's a Terrological Chart?

Just as the Astrological Cycles of the well known celestial Zodiac affect our lives, so too does The Cyclic Order of the Mineral Kingdom, in the Earth right under our feet. Perhaps even more so, since minerals not only form the Structural bones of our Bodies but they also inform the Consciousness Pulsating in our Blood.

"Crystals are the living Stars of the Earth." - JM Asar

In other words, crystals are essentially the Great Bearers of Light into form and matter.

Magical Healing Tree Trees that Love

Your terralogical chart also reveals three of the Earth's Great Standing Beings - The Trees - to be your most important guides and mentors in matters of Love & Relationship of every Human kind : Sibling, Friendship, Partner, Mother, Father, Grandmother & Grandfather.

The Liquid Tree remedies bring unprecedented support for healing & empowering our Love Relationships.

Trees are the Kings & Queens of the Plant Kingdom.
They are the Guardians of the Flame of Love. Planetary Doctors.
In the Circle of Life, The Trees are our Lungs and share the most ancient of Contracts with us.

Working with them, as the 46 Liquid Tree remedies & the Roles of Love Activators, is the only way some of us can learn & integrate what are often the most challenging of Human relational essons of all, because most of our fellow Humans are suffering the same challenges!

Rainbow Over Ocean Bay with Volcanic Eruption Art of the Shadow Warrior

The deeper intricacies of your chart also reveal which Liquid Crystal Remedies offer safe doorways into your personal subconscious, which is where your greatest potential resides. The fullest expression of your Creative Potential is guarded / held-back / contained by your unmet, unresolved Shadows.
• • • Shadow integration also plays a significant role in healing chronic disease, pain and illness • • •

The Shadow Chaser series of remedies bring us through this doorway, into the innermost Temple of Truth for Rebirth.
This temple is supported and protected by six pillars; six powerful Guardians - three of which are female & three are male guardians.

Shadow Guardians protect us while we do shadow work.
Protect us from what?
From getting lost in shadow and also from interfeence - other people, entities and / or negative forces (sh*t likes sh*t!) that unbeknowst to us can and do plug-in to manipulate at the subconscious level via that which we aren't aware of yet. Eg: unknown traumas or octaves of known traumas that have yet to reveal from the shadows in general. Until we achieve full soul-embodiment / ascension, we all hold varying degrees of emotional, mental and / or physical trauma.

IF you're willing to do your inner work during this incarnation, these remedies provide the most profound support of all. They can deliver you into the most Sacred and Highly Protected Inner Temples of Creation. Your greatest tests and your greatest riches, gifts and potential rest within The Holy Darkness and Mystery of Creation's Womb.

To find out which of the Mineral Kingdom’s Crystals and which of the Plant Kingdom’s Trees offer a way into your subconscious that’s unique to your Soul’s Life Path, book a consult with me, below ↓

Past Lives

Via your chart, we can even gain a glimpse into where you left off in past lives and what your biggest challenges are this go around, as a result.

How Do I Map Your Terralogical Chart?

From your First Name as it was given at Birth!

Here's why >
We choose our birth name in-utero & send it to our parents.
Believe it or not they nearly always get it right! (Especially if your Mother got the final word on it!)

This name is like a sonic carrier-wave that we choose and its frequency holds codes for our lives.
When we consider that the geometry and frequency of number is the language of Creation, when we apply a Divine numerological algorithm to our first names, we gain access to understanding what we vibrationally set-up for ourselves to accomplish, as we were landing into our God-Given Earth-Body-Suits!

VIDEO SERIES ▷ An Intro to The Liquid Crystals & How They Can Help You
💦 Discover what this earth based vibrational healing modality has to offer and what sets it apart.
Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El's Liquid Crystal Consults PRAISE & APPRECIATION

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    "I had a major breakthrough about my purpose and how I want to show up in this physical world. I was able to get very clear in regards to my manifestations and ultimately was able to clear out old outdated programming I was clinging to.
    I learned more deeply that I am the only variable in my life and through me my world is projected.
    I cannot thank you enough for this new insight and just being you! One of the most valuable experiences I have had, I wish the world knew about this and you ❤️ "

    Shaydia Dizaye 😍😍😍 : : Tennesse, USA

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    "This year has been full of catalysts and honestly The Liquid Crystals, the Womb Initiation and Golden Lotus experiences with @wayofthewomb has been my absolute guiding light this whole 2020.
    Barbara’s (@wayofthewomb ) work is truly incredible. I highly encourage ANYONE who is feeling called to either a book a session in with Barbara - or alternatively talk with her about getting yourself some liquid crystal remedies - to DO IT.
    I can tell you from the bottom of my heart it will be life changing (ESPECIALLY if you experience any health issues, as these can begin to crack open hidden emotional/mental/spiritual layers which maybe your body is calling you look at.
    I feel this work is so important!
    If you work with @wayofthewomb, get ready for some awesome healing and awakenings!!!! Yeeeha!!!!
    Also I have never been more grounded after working with Barbara either... and my god do we benefit from being IN OUR BODIES!!
    Anyway I could go on all day."

    Lots of love Tessa Forde xxx 😍😍😍 : : Invercargill, New Zealand

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    "My addiction has always been tabacco. I'm 52 and so desperately wanted to stop the "story". Barbara suggests liquid crystal drops - they have changed my life in every way & the rewards are still unfolding.
    If you want to stop something, change something, uncover, let go, heal - you came to the right place.
    🙏🏼 Barbara rests in The Oneness 💌"

    Melissa Kennedy : : Melbourne, Australia

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    "The Liquid Tree’s are a totally different story.
    They held me in such a way that I could take up my role as the Crone and the Elder at the retreat I facilitated with two other incredible human (maybe)beings. We weaved together in a very magical way and I know the drops helped me to remember my worth and my role in the circle of women who gathered. There were 22 of us for 8 days on the Healers Rites of Passage. The evening I was to bring through sound was one of the days I was on Throat Chakra. I could hardly speak and when the sound came it was with a lot more gentleness and still as powerful.
    I give so many thanks to these remedies for their support and thank you for your ability to send me the right ones.
    I’m taking the Phenikite Starchild Crystal now. I can’t wait to see what changes it will bring."

    Beverley Iffla, Universal Lightworker & Sound Healer : : Auckland, New Zealand

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    "I have only met Barbara virtually and yet could feel her warm and reassuring energy right away.
    Given what I was struggling with, she recommended I initially look at doing some work with my Shadow crystals which was realized when she explained my Life Path and Purpose in relation to the  11 Atlantean Cities and her unique Terralogical Chart. I decided that  if there was ever a time to finally start doing some spiritual work with my Shadow self it was now. I didn't really know what I was getting into.  I felt Barbara genuinely supported me on this journey and was there for me if I had questions about what I was experiencing.
    I was astounded by the effects of the 7 crystal remedies that I was to take for 21 days, cycling through them each day for 7 days. In particular,1 crystal stood out and had a very strong effect on me. Not negative but definitely got my attention  When I found out from Barbara that it was about Trusting myself I laughed and it all made sense. This was a repeating pattern of doubt (the shadow) that followed me in my life causing havoc and disappointment. Well during the 3rd cycle with the 7 crystals, I FELT A HUGE SHIFT.
    I felt a sense of wellbeing  and calm knowing that I can trust myself. The crystal is Celestite and its simple meaning is Knowing (from the Oracle Cards.) It's funny how I had seen its simple meaning for years as a practitioner yet  I didn't really know what it really meant for me until I did this Shadow work with Barbara. 

    I am still amazed at how much more confident I am  in my decision-making now!  I feel I am just beginning to learn who I really am and be able to transmute the hidden shadows of my life.
    I am so grateful to have met Barbara and recommend her guidance if you are ready to explore and integrate the unconscious aspects of your Shadow. "

    Carolyn Clendenning : : North Bay, CANADA 

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    "I was anxious about the length my labor might be. With my first it was well over 24 hours of inefficient contractions that left me exhausted and desperate for interventions. With my second I was introduced to liquid crystals and was excited to use them as part of my labor to help speed things up.
    Well, when things started to happen I took some of my liquid crystals for labor and once I was in active labor my labor was 6 hours. And while painful quite manageable. It was a very empowering experience. I am so grateful to Barbara and Erin for integrating this into the program. Every tool they recommend has been so helpful. Well worth the time and money. A birth experience is so powerful. I think it's important to equip yourself with everything to make it positive and healing."

    Libby : : Colorado, USA

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    "I want to tell you how grateful I am to you! This process really helped me step into my power and rebirth myself into a confident and determined me.
    So much has come to fruition as a result: I've been lucky enough to go through a lot of karmic work and past life healing that has been massively changing the way I see the world. I became a reiki master. I worked on a lot of stuff with my parents and my abuser to clear it all out once and for all! And I'm now moving house in a month.
    This has been a fucking EPIC journey to take, and I really just cant tell you how much I appreciate your healing knowledge and gifts.
    I would love to do another round again sometime.
    You are one cool chick Barbara! Thank you so much."

    Gracie : : Melbourne, Australia

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    "I have really enjoyed the benefits of using The Liquid Crystals in private consults with Barbara (healing womb goddess).
      I remember connecting with Barbara years ago seeking womb healing advice and began the crystal treatments for issues beyond the womb.
    I have experienced life changing shifts in so many ways. It really resonates with me this healing medicine through vibrations and how it has offered my auric field a re-boot and my conscious body a way to create change like a key unlocking a stubborn lock. 
    I am able to explore releasing into my true self, without any harsh chemicals or pills. 
    I trust Barbara's kind and loving energy as she guides the sessions and listens deeply. 
    I feel greater in my physical, emotional, and spiritual self.  Thank you Barbara for supporting with motivation and upliftment towards love and being.  I have so much Love for Barbara!"

    Kelly Meehan, MA : : Los Angeles, USA

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    "I am so happy that I was able to complete my crystal healing. Day by day I am noticing a shift within myself. My spirits are rising, my confidence is getting better, my throat chakra is truly active and I am so thankful for the healthy boundaries I am setting for myself.
    I can not thank you enough for how far I’ve come and would like to schedule a session with you soon to start the next Crystal treatment.

    My daughter is doing much better as well, after her Starchild Crystals. She is very sensitive."

    Kattie : : Texas, USA

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    "Wow. Barbara. What on earth! This stuff is so freakin powerful. Gobsmacked. Doing shadow work with Anubis at my side has been pretty cool. His presence came through so strong. I felt so protected, I saw him kinda kicking out anything that wasn't mine. It provided the deeeeeeepest sense of relief.  He has kinda just been sitting quietly and kindly on the sideline, always there for me when I needed him. What you mentioned about working with Anubis, you can be sure what you're facing is your own shadow has been quite helpful."

    Vanessa Worm, Muscian : : Melbourne, Australia

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    "I really can’t say enough about what a pleasure it is to work with Barbara Ma-El. Not only are her services and offerings Divine, she herself is professional, warm and authentic - an ideal partner in co-creating a transformational healing journey."

    Brandi Mazesticeon : : Principal | BM Coaching, USA 

Barbara Ma-El laughing in the Ocean

Barbara Ma-El

I've been awakening, healing & working within the timeless Ways Of The Womb over the past 20 years - as a Birth Doula, as a Pregnancy Photographer, globally as a Workshop Facilitator & in the Healing Arts.

I carry deep Medicine of the Womb-Heart.
The stories I've thrown into the fire have forged and activated these depths.
One of my greatest joys is to share the knowledge I’ve attained & transmit the healing I’ve embodied - thus far.
This is my soul’s calling.

I tend a holy flame that together with our men, we may Envision, Dream & Create our world anew from the inside-out, in celebration and in the hot wild fierce fire of Love - Wisely & Powerfully!


  • I'm a survivor who has done & will always continue to do the deep internal work to emerge from and forever thrive after:
    - abuse
    - fake spiritual teachers
    - deception and mind control

  • I'm a qualified Mizan Therapist

    Mizan Therapy is a Traditional Reproductive Healing modality that has ancient roots in many Cultures around the world. Cultures that hold the Wisdom of how to care for, nurture and heal Women's Bodies - naturally, non-invasively and respectfully.

  • I'm a trained and embodied Golden Lotus Practitioner

    Golden Lotus is a meridian based modality that is founded in the Ancient Taoist approach to Awakening, the Female Body and Reproductive System. It comprises of meditations, movement practices, sexual and spiritual energy education modules which cultivate Spiritual Awakening, Sexual Activation and Embodied Sovereignty.

  • I'm an Advanced Liquid Crystals Practitioner

    The Liquid Crystals are vibrational geometric remedies held in pure water, comprising The Earth's Evolutionary Mineral Therapy.

    ∞ Practitioner Training - Level 1 (2011) & Advanced (2014 + 2017)
    ∞ The Crystalline Seeds of Physical Healing (2012)
    ∞ The Crystalline Way of Oneness (2012)
    ∞ The Crystalline Consciousness Directives / The 12 Crystal Skulls (2012)
    ∞ The Star Child Directives 1 (2013) & 2 (2014)
    ∞ The Teachers of the Great Oceans 1 (2013) & 2 (2019)
    ∞ The Garment Of Stars (2016)
    ∞ Art of The Shadow Warrior - The Shadow Chaser Series (2016)
    ∞ The Liquid Trees - Earth Healing for Love & Relationships (2017)
    ∞ TLC Practically - The Pleiadian Way (2018)
    ∞ The Roles Of Love (Liquid Trees.2) (2019)
    ∞ Nature Sync - The Elemental Merge (2021 - ongoing)
    ∞ ITAP (Individually Tailored Ascension Program) (2021 - ongoing)