Womb Song : : Create Heaven On Earth


by Barbara Ma-El

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world." - John Muir, Naturalist

Each chapter of Womb Song correlates to one of The Earth's 77 Foundational Minerals & Crystals that Activate all possible Creative avenues available to Humanity on this planet.
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Our bodies are of the Earth, by way of the food we eat that's grown in soil.
This is why we share Consciousness with the Earth, and why all 77 of these foundational minerals and crystals await full activation in our blood and bones.
Each of these Crystals & Minerals facilitate the embodiment of a distinct facet of Our Divinity as born Creators. We are each Born to Create in alignment with Life's Truth.

The Womb & it's masculine equivalent in the energetic Dan Tian, The Void, The Source of Life & Love, The Beloved, The Doorway of Heart is - no matter by what name we call it - The Domain Of Truth.

When we don't nurture or cultivate Truthful Knowledge of Self, we leave ourselves vulnerable to living someone else's life. We become prone to temporarily becoming what the world would have us be & doing what others would have us do.
This can lead to becoming quite lost to ourselves and our unique gifts that we were born to bring forth & share.
Authentic Joy, Freedom, Fulfillment, Peace & Prosperity become sparse because Evolution of the Self & the World is then often not served.

Minerals & Crystals grow deep inside the Earth; in the dark fertile Womb of the World.
The Earth Sings up the energies and frequencies of a different crystal or mineral everyday, in a specific cyclic order. This naturally affects our bodies, minds, hearts and souls, too! (Discover today's crystal on WoW!orgs home pg)

All 77 gems offer their distinct Voices of Wisdom, to help us see all our contractions & blocks that may be preventing aspects of our Creative Potential (Divinity) from being fully Embodied & expressed. They also help us locate areas where The Creative Impulse has perhaps become disorted and help us heal these things.
Altogether the 77 hold The Soul of the World in the Body of Earth.
They Heal and Empower by bringing more of Our Souls into Our Bodies, too.

  • Have you ever attracted, manifest or created stuff that you didn't want?
    ( . . . and then perhaps wondered how the heck that ever happened?)

  • Do you have circumstances in your life that you'd prefer to be without? Or that you'd love to move beyond?

  • Or maybe you keep attracting or re-creating similar versions of the same crap again and again?

Did you know that your subconscious has THE final say on what you may or may not Create, Manifest or Attract?

This is because the subconscious has main-line access to both your Soul's Directives AND to all your sh*t!
This puts it in a very powerful position because it's the gateway through which all must pass before manifesting anything into physicality. A gateway that allows the sh*t to manifest in all its horrible glory as well as the Soul's Highest most sublime Gifts & Callings.

The Womb & the masculine Dan Tian, as the gateways that Birth Creation (feminine) and that Activate Creation (masculine), are therefore also where we contact the subconscious most directly and powerfully.

WOMB SONG is a free resource that provides a way for navigating the deep wild waters of Creating & Healing - that's grounded in the Earth! Since Creating inevitably involves dealing with things we cannot initially see nor know at the out-set; things that sit in the subconscious, this kind of grounded structure is valuable.

This grounded structure arises directly from the Wisdom Cycles of The Earth's Mineral kingdom.
The exquisite perfection of this, is that Humans need Minerals to Ascend, Build & Sustain Life. We need minerals and crystals to activate what's available to us as Creative Souls in Human Bodies. Bodies made of the Earth's substance from the food we eat, grown in Soil. Bodies whose blood flows with minerals, activating consciousness all-the-blessed-time. Consciousness that we share with the Earth.

"What We Embody, We Create" - Arion Light, in CREATIVE MASTERY
. . . and we need look no further than the internal mircale of what's alchemizing in a Pregnant Woman's Body, to appreciate this living breathing truth.


  1. It's too easy to slip into mind-only-mode when we're on these computers, so before you delve into receiving the fullest benefit from one of these chapters, spend a few moments doing some Breathing, Centering or Presencing - whatever you know to do to bring yourself into BODY-AWARENESS.

    > It can be as simple as Feeling the sensation of your Body's contact with your chair or the floor and then just make sure you're breathing deeply.

  2. As you read, pay close attention to any reactions you may experience
    > Notice where there's any emotional charge or mental reaction
    > Pay close attention to any internal dialogues. Be available for Revelation.

  3. Pick the aspect that you're most drawn to, from the chapter you're reading:

    • EITHER from the 'Creative Potential' section and bring this aspect into a Creation-ing Process

    • OR from the 'Mining For Gold' section and bring this aspect into a Transmutational / Healing Process

      * Join the next monthly Global Womb Ceremony to learn how to do this and/or nurture mastery with these ways.

  • It's ideal to come back to this simple 3-step process at various points in your menstrual cycle or lunar cycle.

  • The same holds true if you're having a particularly crap day.

  •  > > > Just go to our home page, to find out what The Earth's crystal / mineral is today (or on any given day) and click through to the revelant chapter of Womb Song for guidance and support.

  • Or you may consider putting yourself on a 28 day self-directed program & see how much progress you make.

  • If you have a favourite crystal or mineral, you can also find it's chapter from the push-menu on the RHS of each chapter and revisit this 3 step process regularly with its aspects provided in its chapter. It may hold many keys for unlocking your life.

Download this Guided Shamanic Drum Journey to help you receive the Earth's Wisdom and / or Body Wisdom around those aspects.

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