Silver Flame Initiation


  •  Every Human Being has access to The Silver Flame in their energy body
  •  Only your Spirit can Initiate access to this Spiritual Flame
  •  The Silver Flame serves physicality
  •  The Light of the Body's Soul is Sliver
  •  Silver always reflects Truth and this is why The Body cannot tell lies
Engaging The Silver Flame Helps People Who : >

  • Are dealing with chronic physical pain, disease or malignancy - it provides an indispensable Spiritual component.
    (ALL diseases and disorders are Spiritual issues of how much Light the Body is or isn't holding.)

  • Feel suppressed or mysteriously blocked from stepping into their unique Creative Expression or Visionary Power to effect positive change.

  • Are struggling with chronic viral conditions
    (Epstein Bar, Shingles, Herpes et al, Long-C)

  • Are facilitating either 1 : 1 or group Womb Work
    Here's Why

  • Are facilitating either 1 : 1 or group Tantric / Sexual Healing & Awakening Work
    Here's Why

  • Are dealing with the 'demons of drink' - alcohol or recreational drug abuse
    (Extensive use corrodes the naturally protective fields of energy and light around the body, leaving one vulnerable to lower astral entities. Even if an addiction has been conquered, hitchhikers may have found a way to remain behind. Reportedly, there's even such a thing as a coffee demon > you decide! Here's someone else's take on 12 Little Known Facts About Coffee)

  • Feel they've become compromised in any way through the extensive use (or even just a one time use) of consciousness altering plant medicine.
    eg: Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Marijuana et al. > Learn more

  • Are recovering cult survivors
    (Sexual / Tantric or Religious / Spiritual etc.)

  • Are breaking free from the grip of spiritual deception, manipulation or flawed channelled material

  • Have been negatively affected by or have experienced difficulties after engaging a "shaman" or a "medium"
    (Many are not, who they say they are!)

  • Senses something is overshadowing them - a hex, a curse, a spell, a dark net or black magic that may have been cast

  • Is dealing with anomalous trauma

  • Either knows or suspects they're harbouring a foreign / alien / hyper-dimensional implant or energetic device in one of their body systems or etheric fields.
    Similarly, either knows or suspects one or several of their chakras have been fitted with etheric feeding tubes.
The Silver Flame Empowers!

When we go to an authentic healer, shaman or exorcist to clear the sorts of issues listed above, we inherently give our power away because we're placing ourselves in someone's else's hands - and sometimes with a misplaced blind trust.
If the circumstance of diminished personal power is what gave rise to the issue in the first place, then the same approach is not a wise solution!

The eloquence of working with the Silver Flame to achieve clearing towards more embodiment of light is that sovereignty is assured because you're engaing a higher, more refined part of your True Self. This approach serves the reclamation of power - your light - that you once may have habitually abdicated. In most cases it prooves to be an integral part of a permanently healed state.

If this level of Self-Responsibilty and Self- Empowerment seems overwhelming, then by all means go to a carefully and wisely chosen practitioner to perform the clearing for you, and then perhaps consider coming back here to engage the inner alchemical work to secure a reliable permanent result.

What's Involved?

    Manganite - Keeper Of The Silver Flame
  1. The most reliable way of learning to get into the correct frequency of The Silver Flame is by taking a very powerful Starchild Crystal as a vibrational oral Liquid Crystal remedy for 21 days.

    Best results are attained when this is then followed by a special trinity of Liquid Crystals - taken over a subsequent 21 day period.

    These remedies are vibrational and thus do not inject frequency or substance into you, rather they will serve to remind what you have access to within.

    • I've set this up as a separte transaction so you can always order more at any time, if you so choose
    • If you are a Liquid Crystals Practitioner and have the stock sets to make these remedies, you don't need to order them from me

  2. Once you have the above remedies in your physical possession, book in for a session, so I can guide you in learning to activate The Silver Flame within yourself. There are many ways of learning to do this and I introduce you to several of them, since differenet appraoches sometimes work better for some people.
    You'll need to take a 3 drop dose of the main remedy during this session.
    These sessions can last anywhere between 1 - 3 hours, depending on what's going on for you. This is why these sessions are billed at an hourly rate and pro-rated to the nearest quater hour.

    • This same booking link can also be used for any desired follow-up support
Silver Is Legendary!

In myths, movies and marvel comics Silver is often allocated a divine ability to ward off evil and to deflect the likes of 'vampires' and / or 'werewolves'.
All such legends and urban myths find their roots in some variety of ancient wisdom. Sure, like Chinese Whispers, much gets elaborated and redacted according to the whims and imagination of the author or producer of their times. When it comes to Silver, however, a common vein has survived the test of time and tall tales.

    Our ancestors engaged with Silver in very practical ways :

  • They placed silver into the bottom of wells to purify the water
    (From this came the practice of throwing coins into 'wishing wells')

  • Healing potions made with Silver were used to dress wounds since the time of Hippocrates
    (. . . and I'd venture, possibly even longer than that)

  • Silver was used for food storage - imbuing food with it - to prevent spoilage.
    (Turns out, that Silver molecules held in a colloidal suspension are safe to consume)

As a physical substance, silver is one of the noble metals, meaning it is impervious to corrosion - it doesn't rust, oxidizing only very slowly.
In our modern time Silver's anti-microbial and anti-viral properties have been scientifically verified.
Since it has such highly purifying qualities at the physical level, could it also offer such gifts of frequency at the spiritual level, too?
For such a rich trove of legend to have survived the passage of the ages, it would sure seem so.

In ancient alchemy, silver has long been regarded as a metal of High Magic, whose abiliies reach beyond the base polarities of 'good' and 'evil'.
Since time immemorial, of all the metals, it has been assigned the greatest affinity to the moon. Myths tell us that Silver came from the Goddess of the Moon, containing all the purity of The Goddess. Indeed, Diana and Athena - the Roman & Greek goddesses of the moon were considered protectresses and huntresses that destroyed their quarry with a silver bow and arrow!

The moon has no light of its own - it reflects the sunlight it graciously receives.
That which presents as evil has very little to no light of its own - it reflects what it has deviously harvested from without.
Herein lies the necessary affinity for Silver to be able to illuminate and purify what is termed 'evil'.
How is it illuminated?
Silver reflects light better than any other element. Humanity's earliest mirrors were made of polished silver.
Whomsoever encounters silver then, is invited to see themselves and this includes spiritually.
It reveals to the viewer their image and magically can also reveal the true state of their soul.
If the viewer is largely souless, however, it sees nothing - the reality of its fragmented, baseless non-existance. In the face of its realized powerlessness, it is given an opportunity to become purified, appearing to dissolve and seemingly vanquished, when really it has accepted the transit back home to unite with the One Source of All Light. If this is not acceptable, in the face of the powerless reflection, it at the very least moves along . . . until the next opportunity reliably arises.

Such is the quiet unassuming compassionate power of The Goddess!

•  My Background with The Silver Flame


An article I wrote about the important role of Silver, the Moon and The Goddess during these times of great change.

Barbara Ma-El laughing in the Ocean

Barbara Ma-El

I've been awakening, healing & working within the timeless Ways Of The Womb over the past 20 years - as a Birth Doula, as a Pregnancy Photographer, globally as a Workshop Facilitator & in the Healing Arts.

I carry deep Medicine of the Womb-Heart.
The stories I've thrown into the fire have forged and activated these depths.
One of my greatest joys is to share the knowledge I’ve attained & transmit the healing I’ve embodied - thus far.
This is my soul’s calling.

I tend a holy flame that together with our men, we may Envision, Dream & Create our world anew from the inside-out, in celebration and in the hot wild fierce fire of Love - Wisely & Powerfully!


  • I'm a survivor who has done & will always continue to do the deep internal work to emerge from and forever thrive after:
    - abuse
    - fake spiritual teachers
    - deception and mind control

  • I'm a qualified Mizan Therapist

    Mizan Therapy is a Traditional Reproductive Healing modality that has ancient roots in many Cultures around the world. Cultures that hold the Wisdom of how to care for, nurture and heal Women's Bodies - naturally, non-invasively and respectfully.

  • I'm a trained and embodied Golden Lotus Practitioner

    Golden Lotus is a meridian based modality that is founded in the Ancient Taoist approach to Awakening, the Female Body and Reproductive System. It comprises of meditations, movement practices, sexual and spiritual energy education modules which cultivate Spiritual Awakening, Sexual Activation and Embodied Sovereignty.

  • I'm an Advanced Liquid Crystals Practitioner

    The Liquid Crystals are vibrational geometric remedies held in pure water, comprising The Earth's Evolutionary Mineral Therapy.

    ∞ Practitioner Training - Level 1 (2011) & Advanced (2014 + 2017)
    ∞ The Crystalline Seeds of Physical Healing (2012)
    ∞ The Crystalline Way of Oneness (2012)
    ∞ The Crystalline Consciousness Directives / The 12 Crystal Skulls (2012)
    ∞ The Star Child Directives 1 (2013) & 2 (2014)
    ∞ The Teachers of the Great Oceans 1 (2013) & 2 (2019)
    ∞ The Garment Of Stars (2016)
    ∞ Art of The Shadow Warrior - The Shadow Chaser Series (2016)
    ∞ The Liquid Trees - Earth Healing for Love & Relationships (2017)
    ∞ TLC Practically - The Pleiadian Way (2018)
    ∞ The Roles Of Love (Liquid Trees.2) (2019)
    ∞ Nature Sync - The Elemental Merge (2021 - ongoing)
    ∞ ITAP (Individually Tailored Ascension Program) (2021 - ongoing)