A Woman's Body filled with Golden Love and white light radiating from the Heart
Is It Time Yet?

Time x Energy = ART

'tis the Law of Time
it is
the Natural One
for the Body inhabited by 'art

Precious Body kissed by Golden Breath
opening to the Deeps
in One Eternal undulating breath
Sun drenched Sky yearns for
the dark pulsing Earth
the untamed bottomless Seas
of the Flesh
Flesh in cyclic rising
yawned open
by the primal unrefined desire to be set aLight
for the sake of Art!

Grind rip tear burn through the shackles that enslave
bound by the lie: time = money!
Shackles of mechanized thought and thoughtless action
habitual fashion
meaninglessness repeats - because it's "safe"
robotic superficiality for inflated bills and extorted fines

Is it Time Yet?
to discard Gregory's tenets of dissonance?
that pope of the left out number
that pope
that devised irregular divisions of time
in the names of false kings
to regulate how under a yoke
how taxed we were to become - over ages
for wars we were conned
and coined into fighting

Is it Time Yet?
to marry Divine Will
and unveil
imperfect yet harmonious
Beautiful because it is not predicted
not standardized!
Beautiful wild secret Body
capable of visioning the unseen
capable of listening for the unheard
capable of reaching to the stars
for momentary memories of timelessness
to be expanded
to chart a peaceful future.

A fresh future yearning to be imagined
yet to be birthed in Sanctity
from the unknowable Dream Weave!

July 25, 2019
... as we welcome the year of the White Magnetic Wizard!
Ref: Tzolkin Codex, the Galactic Module for Harmony
(The Mayans didn't invent it, they knew how to listen for its Rhythm)

© Barbara Ma-El, 2019

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