Your Body was Created in The Womb which is a place of Truth
Your Body can't tells lies - it is a place of Truth
Your Body is The Throne of Self-Knowledge
What You Embody - You Create


  • “That womb healing we did really changed my life, I will never forget it. I will forever be thankful to you for showing me the truth inside of me.”

    - A Pino
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “Totally celebrating you Lady. I'm in awe & gratitude of this place you've arrived at that enables you to trust & allow this magic to unfold through you.”

    - R Stewart
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “Thank you! What you are doing is the most truthful and aligned Goddess Work I have seen thus far.
    Truly beautiful. You are.”

    - I Levinson
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “I would only want to work with someone who truly embodies such deep wisdom.
    You carry such beautiful body-centered power, softness and deep femininity. You are an inspiration lovely.”

    – A Hart
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “It’s rare to come across a healer who’s so authentic, present, loving & can hold space to feel safe & supported to let go & release. You are amazing!”

    - T Hearne
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “It's taken ages to find someone who I feel holds balanced feminine energy while still understanding she is on a journey. Barbara is vulnerable, honest, strong and graceful. She holds a beautiful sacred space blending the emotional softness of Quan Yin and the striking intellect of Pallas Athene.”

    - A Grace
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “Barbara is the real deal – she is offering a powerful and unique transmission. She has a lightness in her facilitation and initiations, that evoke a great depth of safety, potency and holding.”

    - C Stewart
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “This has been a f**king EPIC journey to take, and I really just cant tell you how much I appreciate your healing knowledge and gifts.
    You are one cool chick Barbara! Thank you so much.”

    - G Pham
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “I still have no words other than thank you thank you and thank you.  Today was amazing. I want to share my gratitude with you for the energy you brought into the room, for your knowledge, kindness and compassion. You hold a beautiful space.”

    - H Cockalis
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “Thank you Barbara for facilitating this exquisite womb healing & humbly sharing your unique womb medicine.
    The space you created was safe, sacred and profoundly nurturing. I came away feeling uplifted, joyful & deeply peaceful.”

    - K Smith
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “Incredibly awesomely powerful healing nurturing nourishing potent delicious loving safe and sacred!”

    - D Siler
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “Wow! Barbara - My womb is vibrating in joy!
    This work has deepened my trust in life, the ability to care for & nurture myself.
    It has amplified my ability to manifest my Creativity and Abundance to next level.”

    - A Tan
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “If everyone on this planet spent similar time in your presence and experienced the gifts you have to offer, there would be so much more compassion and understanding, Love and Light.”

    - M & L Shephard
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “I highly recommend Barbara if you are looking to cleanse your womb space so you can freely create what you want and own your feminine power.
    She exudes compassion, wisdom and grace from her many years of experience working with women.”

    - T Marcuzzi
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “The black light gives me a place to rest - a place I have been craving for ages.  I'm so grateful.”

    - K Van Nooten
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “I give so many thanks the the essences for their support and thank you for your ability to send me the right ones. I can’t wait to see what changes the next round will bring.”

    - B Iffla
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “To meet a woman who is so passionately and authentically engaged with such powerful Spirit-work is deeply inspiring. Barbara holds a reverent space that emanates from her with grace & gentle joy.
    I'm blown away by what's possible when we come into our bodies. ”

    - K D Watt
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “Barbara holds the beautiful, warm, nurturing space in a loving and gentle way. Highly recommend to anyone seeking guidance and who wants to find their untapped potential!”

    - M McNeil
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
  • “Thank you for the wonderful and inspirational work that you are doing! ”

    - J A Sen
    Praise & Appreciation for Barbara Ma-El
Barbara Ma-El - Come into your skin. Become an inside - of Yourself.
Come into your skin
Become an insider
- of yourself

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